Seniors useful applications for iPad or iPhone

Seniors can use the iPad or iPhone to combat loneliness and isolation.

iphone2It is very  rewarding to see how senior users of iPads and iPhones are starting to download and enjoy applications for their newly purchased devices.The iPad and the iPhone are very easy to use even for newcomers in technology who are normally afraid of it. I have rounded up in this first post on this subject, some very useful and fun apps for them to use. Lets start with the ones that are already built in like Safari, Messages, Contacts, Calendar and Mail, some of these are indispensable and extremely practical. Most of the Seniors or new users will be able to enjoy them pretty quickly.

Safari is your internet browser, your window to the world wide web. You can use Google search from here to find whatever you want. You can read papers from anywhere in the world, and if you are not to scared, you can do shopping and your online banking on it. But there is much, much more.

Messages is a text based message service, where you can add photos and short videos and is only available between Apple devices as the iPhone, iPad and Mac Computers.

Contacts is your Phone Book where you can store peoples Names, telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses, birth dates etc. etc. This can be easily synced between Apple devices if you have more than one.

Calendar is your application that helps you run you life by logging appointments, special dates and things that you need to remember and it will remind you of them when they come up with sound and text on your screen. This one is also sync-able between apple devices.

Mail is the app for your email so you can write, send and receive letters, documents, photos etc. from anywhere, once set up it is one of the easiest, user friendliest and best looking email app I have encountered.

Here I have selected some of the best apps that you can download for seniors as well as some very entertaining ones.

mzl.xzsqjqrp.175x175-75Dragon Dictation  This app is amazing and will substitute the need to write on the keyboard and instead you will be able to dictate what you want to write



Skype Well who hasn’t heard of this one. You will be able to see and talk to family and friends locally and overseas for free.


mzl.rpixdjhl.175x175-75BugMe This is very useful if you normally forget things ( don’t we all ) You will be able to add notes and reminders to your home screen.



Google Translate This app will translate from any language to any language. Specially useful if you speak more of one language or where born overseas.


This is all for this post, I will be adding more useful apps shortly in my next post. I am also monitoring a new app that is coming soon that will help people with memory problems, I hope to be able to add it to my next post.



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