Can the new iPhone 6 plus help Seniors ?



Well this image by Zco Corporation gives a view of how the iPhone has grown over the years. Now a lot of you will find the biggest one called the iPhone 6 Plus boasting a 5.5 inch screen a bit too big to handle. One reason for that is that a lot of people like to use it one handed, and that is difficult to do. But if you are used to use your phone with both hands it then becomes a very viable proposition.

If you look at the picture again and compare the size of the 4s screen and 6 Plus one, it has almost doubled, and with it also most of the things that come up on screen ( some things have to be resized manually ). What I am saying here is that for Seniors that would like a smartphone that is easy to use like the iPhone has always been, now they can get one they can easily see a lot better for typing, pressing buttons, reading, looking at photos etc…

So if you may feel that to big is a disadvantage, have a look at this phone from a different perspective, the one that it will be a lot easier to see and to operate with this big screen and that is the most important as it will give you a more satisfying user experience. And isn’t this what it is all about ?


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