I have been seeking some help from Victor on various issues regarding my computer, my iPhone and most recently my latest iPad. I have found Victor’s help in explaining the answers to my questions very helpful and beneficial. Thanks again Victor !

Tony B, 60

I always liked new gadgets and technology, but they are sometimes difficult to set-up and understand. Victor has showed me for years as I kept on changing and adding new ones, since the iPhone came out, how to use them and how to add useful applications etc. Also when I decided to buy a Mac computer and an iPad, he really made it easy for me to learn how to master them and how to sync all my contacts, calendars and emails, thanks Victor

Sergio T, 61

I bought my first laptop two years ago, Victor has done all the set ups and installation as well as training me in the most common use of it. I love reading and playing games and Victor has suggested a lot more things I can do to enjoy it. He is always available to help when I call him with a problem.

Vera F, 83

I’m 89 years of age, but Victor has shown me that it’s never to late to learn new things. Victor has been training me ocassionaly for the past few year in using my first computer and solving problems as they came along.

Victor helped me to secure all my passwords in one location, taught me how to do my banking from home, how to download my grandchildren’s’ photos from my Iphone to the computer and much more.

Once again Thank you Victor for inspiring me to continue to learn.

George F, 89