Services – Photography

Would you like to improve your skills in digital photography ?photography1

As an amateur photographer with many years experience using SLR’s during the film era and DSLR’s in the Digital era, I can help you improve your skills wether you have a DSLR or a small camera, or even an iPhone, and also in editing your photos in your computer as well as creating albums.

Lets face it, like all other things in technology, photography has made some huge advances. Its mayor one is to go from film to digital. This has made a huge difference as it has become a lot cheaper and easier to use. Still remember the cost of developing a colour film and printing the photos ?.  Well that is close to nothing now, or at least very cheap.photography2
But the basics of photography haven’t changed much, as good photography still revolves around light metering, focusing, aperture and shutter speed settings. Of course all new cameras will do all this for you automatically if you want, but this will not allow you to have the control of the end results as if you do this manually.
Have you ever seen a professional photographer with one of those automatic point and shoot cameras ?. Well it does make a difference to have a bit of knowledge that can help you blur backgrounds or have it all in focus, or to control the light so that you have much better exposed photos.