Computer Classes for Seniors

Would you like to expand your knowledge in the use of computers?
Do you have a Windows computer or a Mac and would like to develop
your skills in using them? You can get computer lessons for seniors.

Well now is a good time to start, as I come to your home or office and give you that one on one training that you need.

I work at your pace and on what you want to know. Whether you would like to learn basic skills or have more advanced interests, we can help.

Want to know how to write letters, spread sheets, install new programs, set-up internet or wireless (Wi-Fi), email, web browsing, finding the things you want in the world wide web, reading papers, Skyping with your family and friends here or overseas, or may be just playing some games. You can get computer lessons for seniors.

Or maybe you want all your devices like Smartphones, Computers and Tablets synchronised to the cloud to make your work more efficient. In any case, give me a call or email us, I am able to help. You can get computer lessons for seniors.

Ahh the iPad, a beauty of modern technology. Has been adopted by all of us as it as beautiful as it so easy to use. This is the game changer, suits everyone as it can do almost what a computer can, with a small, compact lightweight design and a touch screen. Thanks Steve.

Would you like to get to know this device more intimately? Or do you need some help getting started?
I can help you set up your iPad, teach you its basic functions or train you in its more advanced applications.
No matter your level of experience my aim is to give you the necessary knowledge to use your device with confidence and enjoy the endless possibilities.You can get computer lessons for seniors.

I can help you learn, understand and make the most of your computer, smartphone or tablet from the comfort of your own home or office.

We work together at your own pace and all training will be tailored to suit your particular needs and interests.You can get computer lessons for seniors.

You will be able to learn and practice on your own device and all changes and updates will be done directly to them so there is no need to remember complex instructions.
My aim is to make you familiar with your device and confident to use it with ease.
I am based in Sydney and service
Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and surrounding areas.