Samsung announces Galaxy Mega 6.3 and 5.8 phablets

Samsung lifted the covers of the Galaxy Mega dup – the 6.3" and 5.8" Android phablets. The smartphones borrow some of the features from the Galaxy S4 flagships but offer much larger screens and aim for the mid-range segment as a more affordable alternative to the high-end Note phablet. (more…)...
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HTC One VS SONY Experia

Both devices are the crucial points in their respective manufacturer's struggles to turn their fortunes around. The Sony Xperia Z and HTC One come with different skill sets but generally tend to appeal to the same group of users. Design conscious multimedia-addicts, who need top notch performance and value a streamlined interface over an endless number of features scattered around. (more…)...
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Facebook Home APKs leak, can be installed on some phones prior to official release

Facebook announced its SNS-centric Home launcher and related software (like a new Messenger that also handles SMS) last week and will be releasing them to the Play Store on April 12. The most impatient Facebook addicts don’t have to wait that long though, as they can have a go at the new software today using leaked APKs that were ripped from an HTC First ROM. (more…)...
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